Quechua Arpenaz Family 4.1 Tent Pole Repair Pack

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A repair kit for the poles of the Quechua Arpenaz Family 4.1 Tent. These replacement fibreglass sections will be supplied longer than required and will need to be cut down to size with a junior hacksaw. Ideal as an emergency repair kit or to replace broken sections within a pole run.

Consists of:
• 2 x 11mm and 2 x 9.5mm Fibreglass pole sections, all fitted with a metal ferrule
• 1 Length of shock cord elastic which measures 4m and will stretch to 7m approx.
• Threading Tool which is a steel wire with a sharp hook on one end, used to re-thread the elastic

Tent Model: Arpenaz Family 4.1
Material: Fibreglass
Pole Diameter: 11mm & 9.5mm
Pole Length: Each Pole Section: 68.5cm (including ferrule)
Colour: Black